What I had for dinner:

Chicken with Morels and Apricots

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First, to sip while cooking, a small glass of homebrewed mead.

Slice morels (morels are probably the most expensive mushroom by weight, but they are very light. I used $1.50 worth), wash and dry. Cook over low heat in 1 tsp butter (mushrooms, like eggs, really demand butter; nothing else does it) for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, cut 1/2 Vidalia onion in large cubes; add it to the morels, and salt slightly to draw out the moisture. Cook covered.

I was going to have pan-sauteed potatoes, but the last potato in the fridge had heart rot (or whatever it's called) so I decided to switch to couscous. I usually steam it when I make a real couscous, but here I just went along with the quick boil-and-soak technique on the package: 1/2 cup of boiling water, a sliver of butter (we're already committed anyway!), and 1/4 cup medium grain couscous. Let sit covered until ready.

To the morels, add a small handful of dried apricots, one bay leaf, water, and tabasco sauce to balance the sweetness. Cook a few minutes.

Cube 1/2 chicken breast (I had the other half last night, as you remember), pat dry, and saute in a wok with a little vegetable oil. Drain well.

Serve the couscous topped by the morels and apricots, and the chicken.

Afterwards, a big plate of escarole with oil and vinegar. Bread: half a sourdough baguette.

To drink, a bottle of Duvel. I'm not on a Belgian kick, I'm always like that...

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