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Leftover Chicken Pie

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Not leftover pie of chicken, but pie of leftover chicken. Chicken was a very popular item at the picnic, wasn't it?

Four medium red potatoes, peeled and cubed, were boiled for 10 min, with 4 leaks (cleaned thoroughly and cut in 2" pieces) added for the last 5 min.

Four large mushrooms, cut in thick slices, were cooked in a little oil until well browned; one red onion, quartered and sliced, was added, sprinkled with salt, and cooked covered over low heat until soft. Then, 4 cloves of garlic, bruised and sliced, were added, cooked for a minute, and moistened with a cup of beer. A tsp of coarsely crushed black pepper, some chile paste, and one crushed bay leaf were added, and the mixture set to simmer for a while.

An aluminum dish was filled with layers of sliced roast chicken leftovers (about 1/2 chicken), then the potatoes, more chicken, the leaks, and some more chicken. The sauce was thickened with farina (easier to use than flour) and poured over the chicken and vegetables. A dash of cinnamon and mace finished the filling.

The dish was covered with a sheet of homem^H^H^H^H^HPepperidge Farm puff pastry, well tucked in along the sides and pricked with a fork in several places to let the steam escape.

Baking in a 300-350 F oven until well browned takes 30 to 40 min, depending on the exact conditions.

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