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Lamb Chops with Tunisian Peppers

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I have the suspicion that I already wrote a similar recipe before, but since the purpose of this exercise is to immortalize transientness, I'm sure that future food historians, or panix.historians for that matter, will delight in being able to pinpoint the differences between versions of the same thing. The Heisenberg School of Cooking ...

This started with three decent local red peppers. They were roasted on the stovetop over gas flames until charred, then put in a paper bag to "steam off" the skin. After a few minutes, they were cleaned and seeded, then sliced into strips. The classic Tunisian dish simply fries them lightly at this point, but I had a red onion and some hot peppers as well, so they became part of the story.

The onion, cut into small chunks, was put in a small saucepan with a little olive oil, lightly sprinkled with salt (to draw the juices out), and cooked over low heat with the lid on. When the onion started to caramelize, six finely sliced Anaheim peppers and six whole cloves of garlic were added, and cooked until thoroughly tender. The red peppers were then added, and cooking was continued with the lid off until all the liquid had been reduced. (Makes one serving. Can be served with white beans or rice to make more servings.)

Serve with pan-broiled lamb chops and sour-dough bread.

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