What I had for dinner:


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This is one of those dinners that just happened. Wandering through the store, I happened to see a package of sauerkraut, I remembered that I had potatoes and andouille sausage at home, and it all gathered together. Formally, the andouille is of course totally out of place, since it would be more at home in a jambalaya, but in fact it does well, and replaces very well kielbasa-like sausages that are often more fat than meat.

Rather than my usual recipe, with a pork roast, I made a more Alsacian one, emphasizing sausages. That's one of the problems of cooking for one: roasts are not an easy proposition.

I cooked one andouille (cut in thick slices) and a few small frankfurters in vegetable oil over low heat until they were well done. Most of the fat was drained, and one sliced onion was added, to cook until wilted. I then added 3 cloves of garlic, sliced, then 30 seconds later 1 cup of beer (I used my rather sour cranberry ale, but any pale lager or ale will do), 1 potato cut in inch sized pieces, 1 tbsp of juniper berries, 1 carrot sliced thick, a couple of slices of Canadian bacon, and enough water to almost cover. The liquid was brought to a gentle boil, and cooking proceeded for about 10 min, or until the potatoes were barely done. The sauerkraut (drained and rinsed) was added, and cooked for a few minutes before serving.

(The juniper is not to be eaten! It is like chewing through a Christmas tree.)

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