What I had for dinner:

Sausage and Peppers

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And peppers; and peppers.

Last night, oblivious to the travails of Panix2, I was cooking a dish of spicy sausage and peppers.

I browned one chopped shallot in olive oil, then added one dry mirasol, two dry chipotle, and one fresh habanero peppers, sliced and seeded, fried the mixture for a minute, and added two tablespoons of crushed tomatoe, 1/4 cup of water, and one tablespoon of port. This was left to simmer until the dry peppers softened.

Meanwhile, one sliced andouille (Cajun, not French; they are altogether different concepts) was cooked in a wok to render the fat, which was wiped off with a paper towel. Four sliced frying Italian peppers were added and cooked until well done (when the edges begin to turn black, they add a pleasant roasted flavor to the peppers). One chopped clove of garlic and the hot peppers mixture were added, and tossed together until well mixed.

Dinner was ready in 15 minutes; leaving me plenty of time to bottle three gallons of honey imperial stout. But this is another story.

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