What I had for dinner:

Ach, Berlin!

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Hallo Berlin (51st and 9th) is the epitome of "real" German food, the kind of food such that "24 hours later you're still not hungry". But 36 hours and time came when I felt a bit peckish. Thus dinner; and probably breakfast and lunch as well!

Quick-pickled red cabbage is a snap: shred red cabbage and some red onion very thin, mince a little garlic, and put all that in a container with ordinary wine or cider vinegar. Turn over once in a while and drain just before serving. It takes 1/2 to 1 hour at most.

Meanwhile, boil red or yellow potatoes, peel and cube them, and let cool until warm. Coat them with olive oil (in a plastic bag, to avoid making a mess), and add chopped cornichons.

In a very hot oven (450F), preheat an aluminum dish filled with water and topped by a metal rack. Place on the rack a frankfurter and a smoked sausage, both slit lengthwise, and a small piece of chicken breast. Bake until well browned.

Serve with country mustard and sourdough bread. To drink, a bottle of Aventinus. A Berliner Weisse (without syrup) might have been the right thing, but was unavailable.

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