What I had for dinner:

Asparagus in Spicy Sauce

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Most often, I eat asparagus warm, dipped in vinaigrette or mayonnaise. Tonight, however, I had to make a dent in my habañero peppers, which do not keep terribly well even in the fridge. So I made a hot and sour sauce from roughly equal amounts of the peppers (trimmed), tamarind concentrate (i.e. without pits), dried tomatoes (cut in little bits. They are tough), and a clove of garlic and some coriander leaves. The whole thing got blended at high speed, with olive oil added until the right consistency (like a mayo) was obtained.

The asparagus were simply boiled, exactly 5 minutes at a rolling boil in plenty of water.

Tomorrow, we experiment with slow-cooker polenta with andouille. Stay tuned.

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