What I had for dinner:

Stuffed Artichoke

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Stuffed vegetables are a tradition all around the Mediterranean. The stuffing can variously be ground meat, rice, barley, any kind of leftovers. In this case I chose ground pork, and will use the leftover to make meatballs for slow-cooker beans tomorrow (no, the slow cooker is still not back on its shelf).

The artichokes should be trimmed with a very sharp knife (cut away from your fingers!) until all the hard outer leaves but not their tender ends are gone. The rest of the leaves are cut about 1/3 of the way up, and the inside of the artichoke (the flower and the smallest leaves) is removed by scraping with a spoon.

The artichokes are then cooked partially, about 15 minutes, drained, and stuffed. The mixture I chose had ground pork, freshly ground coriander (I have a "pepper" mill dedicated to coriander, and find that I use it more often than the pepper), oregano, caraway seeds, and one egg white to bind everything.

Bake until well done, about 20 min at 400 F.

This makes an excellent cold lunch, by the way.

The same meat mixture, formed into one-inch balls, was thoroughly browned in a wok, in corn oil, then drained and refrigerated for tomorrow morning. The beans are soaking, in several changes of cold water.

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