What I had for lunch:

Salmon and Potatoes

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Have you ever tried to vacuum the dust from sanding down plaster, only to discover, five minutes too late, that the bag had ripped open in the vacuum cleaner, and that a cloud of dust was billowing behind you, and covering every surface, even vertical ones? If yes, you deserve salmon with lemon, and mint potatoes.

A mixture of the grated rind of one lemon, one crushed clove of garlic, and one scotch bonnet pepper (crushed in the garlic press) is spread evenly on both sides of a salmon steak. The salmon is loosely wrapped in aluminium foil, and steamed until well done (the time depends enormously on the geometry of the arrangement and the vigor of the boil; with my set-up, it takes 20 min).

Meanwhile, boil a few tiny potatoes until tender, peel, and trim any eyes; brown with a little olive oil over rather low heat, and add a small handful of chopped mint leaves.

Trim the salmon from skin and bones, and serve with a spoonful of home-made mayonaise, and the potatoes on the side. One steak yields two portions, and the extra one will be excellent cold, for lunch tomorrow.

To drink, a bottle of Kwak Belgian ale. That is no work, and I do deserve it!

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