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Zucchini and Ham

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This was inspired by something posted on the French cooking newsgroup today. The basic idea is that of a baked omelette (Spanish tortilla) or a quiche without shell.

1/2 lb of baked fresh ham, conveniently bought last Saturday at Zabar's, was cut into slivers, and sauted until nearly dry. One half chopped onion and two zucchini cut into small dice were then added and cooked until the zucchini was almost done. Four finely chopped cloves of garlic were added, and cooked briefly. The mixture was then packed in a baking dish, and covered with a generously peppered mixture of two eggs and 1/2 cup of water beaten together.

This was then baked at 350F for 1/2 hr, or until the egg had just set in the middle. It was then sprinkled with grated Swiss cheese, and baked further (or it can be placed under the grill), until the cheese bubbled.

Makes two servings.

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