What I had for dinner:

Spicy lentil salad

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Yet another lentil salad, one of my favorite sunny-day dish. The lentils were boiled the night before until done, drained, and refrigerated overnight. As I usually do for salads, I used French green lentils, which keep their shape and texture better than ordinary grey lentils.

A mixture of cubed cucumber, sliced carrots, chopped hot peppers (jalapenos, something that looks like large red jalapeños, habañeros, and rocotillos (perhaps, from looking at a picture; at Fairway they're all "Mexican peppers")), bacon bits, and chopped parsley, rosemary, and garlic was tossed with the lentils, and dressed with a blender emulsion of balsamic vinegar, harissa, and olive oil.

No tomatoes this year; the current crop looks especially pathetic.

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