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Barbecued lamb

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Breast of lamb is a pretty mysterious item. Sure, it is part of a well-tempered couscous, but recipes don't exactly spring to mind; besides, I had leftover couscous for lunch.

However, why not treat them like pork ribs? A barbecue. But first, let's deal with the potatoes, since they will take longer. Medium-sized new potatoes were boiled until done, peeled, rubbed with a little oil (in a plastic bag; much less messy that way), and put in the oven at about 450F until nicely browned. Meanwhile, the breast of lamb was split into separate ribs (a cleaver can get handy), brushed with a mixture of equal parts chipotle sauce, lemon juice, and olive oil, and placed under the broiler (keeping the thermostat at 450F). When they were done on one side, they were turned over, brushed with more sauce mixture, and broiled until quite well charred.

Serve, well salted, with lemon-lime relish on the side. This is essentially a sort of sweet-and-salty marmalade made with sliced whole limes and lemons, sugar, and spices. It is highly inimical to microbial life and keeps for ever in the fridge. I'll post a recipe sometime, but now I must wend my way to the kitchen to see about tomorrow's Panix picnic.

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