What I had for dinner:

Pulled pork in fruit sauce

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Yesterday, Monday, I spent two hours in the dentist's chair, getting a wisdom tooth out of the way. Yesterday's dinner was a few spoonfuls of tepid tomato soup. Lunch today was a few spoonfuls of tepid tomato soup.

Enough, already! I need to replenish my hemoglobin, anyway. So, something soft but substantial. From Saturday's picnic I had saved the cooking liquid from the quince paste I had made for dessert, which would very nicely provide a fruity cooking liquid.

In a pressure cooker, I browned thoroughly a pork rib roast, added one sliced shallot, one sliced carrot, some fresh rosemary and bay leaf, and the liquid from the quince to about half the height of the meat. The initial cooking was for one hour under pressure, after which the liquid was strained and defatted and the meat trimmed from the bones, fat, and gristle. Meat and liquid were returned to the cooker, together with one sweet onion cut into wedges and the rind of one lemon, and they were cooked again under pressure for another hour, at which point the meat was ready to fall apart, "spoon tender". This was served with a boiled potato mashed coarsely in the sauce, and some soft French bread.

To drink, pineapple juice since I'm not supposed to touch beer for several days.

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