What I had for dinner:

Roasted leeks with lamb chops

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I flew back in exactly a week ago, and this is the first night I've had a properly home-cooked meal! Vacations are such hard work...

Went shopping as usual, up Broadway from 110th street, without any clear idea. Pretty much par for the course. First thing I noticed was that the vegetable market on the west side (Cathedral Market) now has a beer cooler, near the entrance, with a reasonably good selection; it does not rival Mama Joy's, but there is some effort there.

After getting some corn for lunch tomorrow, I wandered around and fixated on leeks. Now, I usually like small young leeks that can be boiled quickly and eaten warm with a vinaigrette, but this is too late in the season; time for the London Broil treatment.

Four fairly large leeks were trimmed, the white part whole and the green leaves chopped. The whole thing needs to soak very well to eliminate all the sand.

Sliced shiitake caps were cooked in a mixture of oil and butter until done, and were set aside. In the same saucepan a sliced onion was cooked until beginning to turn brown, then 3 chopped cloves of garlic were added. After 2 minutes, the chopped green parts of the leeks were added and cooked until well wilted.

One bay leaf, a tsp of rosemary, 3 slices of licorice root, the stems from the shiitake, 1 lb of crushed tomatoes and 1 cup of water were added, and the mixture cooked for at least 1/2 hr. It was then strained through a wide-mesh strainer (a spoon helps press the liquid through), the reserved cooked shiitake were added, and the mixture was boiled over high heat until it had reduced to a thick sauce.

Meanwhile, the leek whites were microwaved for 5 min, sliced into 1" pieces, and broiled until beginning to brown (on both sides; turn them carefully, they're very hot).

The leeks were placed on a plate together with pan-broiled lamb chops and covered with tomato sauce, salted and peppered to taste.

Good and fiber-rich.

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